Why is an MC important to your wedding's success?

You've probably heard the term 'MC' thrown around when looking for your wedding entertainment- but what does it mean? The term comes from the Catholic Church. The Master of Ceremonies is an official of the Church responsible for the ‘correct order and flow’ of Church rituals and the sacred mass. The office of the Master of Ceremonies itself is very old (dating to the Middle Ages). Today, a Master of Ceremonies (or “emcee”) is the official host of a planned performance. A MC usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, entertains people, and generally keeps the event moving.

Why is that important to the success of your reception? Consider the most watched Reality-TV talent show in the world. Without Ryan Seacrest to host American Idol, contestants would just start performing at random. Viewers would not know who they were, what song they were performing or why it was important. The result would be an unorganized and confusing performance to watch. In other words…there would be no ‘flow’ to the ‘show’.

Your reception is a planned ‘show’ starring you, your family and friends. It will never be ‘rerun’ and will never be repeated. A Master of Ceremonies treats your event as if it were the Academy Awards. You, your family and guests are the stars- your MC is your host. With a MC, there’s a definite ‘order’ and ‘meaning’ to the events in your reception (Bouquet Toss, Cake Cutting, etc). The result is a fun, organized wedding that your guests will remember long after the evening is over. An experienced MC can also help:

Plan and organize your ceremony and reception with a personalized wedding timeline to share with other vendors and family (reducing your planning stress).

Direct your reception guests confidently with announcements and introductions - without getting in the way or stealing the spotlight (helping your guests feel involved and engaged).

Make surprises or special touches- like helping a groom wanting to play guitar and sing for his bride on the dance floor or help create a fun mashup medley for the bouquet toss.

Keep the energy level going with games and interactions - without cheese. Click here to see a fun example from Stu and Jamie's wedding.

If you're wanting more than ‘just a jukebox' for your special day, count on a full-time

professional DJ/MC to help make your wedding fun, organized and memorable!

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